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31st-Oct-2010 07:37 pm - Pimp Post!
[community] jeff/annie - natural
Come participate by reading, writing, and pimping!
10th-Jun-2010 09:54 am(no subject)
who; ra; don't hesitate

Title: Car
Author: Sam
Pairing/Character: Logan/Santana
Word Count: 130
Rating: PG-13/R

“Shut up, Logan.”

Title: Mirror
Author: Sam
Pairing/Character: Damon/Veronica
Word Count: 387
Rating: R

He photographs incredibly well.
Fandoms: Alias & Chuck
Author: headnodic
Characters/Pairings: Sark, Sarah (tinges of Chuck/Sarah)
Rating: PGish
Word Count: 334
Prompt: written for choco_cherries week 32 (prompt: window)
Note: Could be spoilery for recent Chuck episodes. Sark is timeless -- from nowhere specific in Alias canon.

( Paris is always perfect this time of year... )
who; ra; don't hesitate
Title: Trapped Between Two Lungs
Author: Sam
Fandoms: Veronica Mars/Merlin
Pairing/Character: Morgana, Logan/Morgana (Arthur/Merlin, Gwen, Uther, Dick, Aaron)
Word Count: 7,653
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sequel to As If You’d Committed a Terrible Crime. All she can smell is blood. Oneshot.
Spoilers/Warnings: General
A/N: For afrocurl, ‘cause it’s it was her birthday a whole month ago. Sorry, luv! I meant to post this earlier this week and then life decided to intervene. Dammit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this because I worked my ass off to get it right and I'm still not completely satisfied with it.Title and epigraph are from “Between Two Lungs” by Florence + the Machine. I’d really appreciate feedback – this piece has been haunting me for weeks (months, actually).

( There are tears in her eyes and she hates herself in so many ways. )
who; ra; don't hesitate
Title: The City's Your Playground
Author: Sam
Fandoms: Gilmore Girls/Glee
Pairing/Character: Rachel, Jess/Rachel (Finn/Rachel, Mercedes)
Word Count: 1,169
Rating: PG
Summary: She closes her eyes, counts to five in her head, clenches her fists and then runs after him just as the bell rings to signal his departure. Oneshot.
Spoilers/Warnings: General
A/N: For supergoddesss. OH HEY CRACK.

Prompt: Been grounded your whole life so now you're running wild

( “Wait!” she calls. )
who; ra; don't hesitate
Title: Just Like Another Stranger
Author: Sam
Fandoms: Twilight/Gossip Girl
Pairing/Character: Jacob/Serena
Word Count: 900
Rating: R
Summary: She spins lies, warm and sandy, as he strokes his fingers through her hair and thinks about death. Jacob and Serena. Oneshot.
Spoilers/Warnings: S2 of XOXO, New Moon.
A/N: Because corleones is an enabler. Fucking… I don’t even know. Why don’t you tell me? Title is from Paramore.

( She smiles like she knows something he doesn’t. )
act | bp | birds fly backwards
Title I Am Sorry to Tell You
Fandoms Gilmore Girls, Lost
Characters/Pairings Rory/Jess, Ensemble
Rating PG-13/R-ish
Spoilers Through “LaFleur.”
Word Count 8,262
Summary Around her, people are screaming. Fires are burning. A man gets sucked into the engine, 30 feet away, and there’s an explosion, louder than anything else, and brighter. Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano go down with Oceanic flight 815.
Notes I’ve never written Lost fic before, but I’ve written a lot of Gilmore Girls, so this is sort of something new. This is also the longest one-shot I’ve ever written (24 pages!). I hope it’s free of continuity errors, as I tried to keep it as loyal to what we’ve seen on the show as possible (I just finished rewatching the entire series in order, I had a friend–ourfall–read over the first 10-ish pages a few weeks back, and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a Lostpedia tab open in Firefox for fact checking purposes), but it’s entirely possible that things have slipped past me. Unfortunately, since I can’t even begin to guess what’s gonna happen next on this show, the ending could get shot to hell any time, now. Title comes from the Elvis Costello song “This is Hell.” Set after Gilmore Girls season 4 (but Rory never slept with Dean).

The first thing she remembers about waking up is the taste of the sand, packed into the crevices of her molars.
beauty and › the past you carry
it's a big world out there
Gossip Girl/Veronica Mars. (crossover)
Hannah Griffith/Jenny Humphrey, PG-13, ~3000 words.
Summary: So this is how Hannah Griffith becomes stand-in live mannequin for Jenny Humphrey, independent fashion designer. Sometimes she gets free dresses out of the deal, so it's not all bad.

29th-Jan-2009 08:04 pm - Ways & Means (Lucy/Peter) PG
[krysten] star light but no spotlight
Title: Ways & Means
Fandoms: Gilmore Girls, Heroes
Pairing: Lucy / Peter Petrelli
Rating: PG / Word Count: 1,261
Notes: AU. Set pre-series for the most part. I've been working on this forever so I'd appreciate all the feedback you can spare ♥

He was her elementary ally, her high school sweetheart, and looking into his eyes at the moment, she knew he was going to be nothing to her by the time she made it to college.
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