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choco_truffles's Journal

Chocolate Truffles
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A place to find and post crossover fan fiction.

Welcome to Chocolate Truffles

This community was started by Hider (hide_r) and Ginger (ginger_noodle) when they noticed an influx of crossover fan fiction being written and decided that there should be a big community to find and/or post it all in.

Rules & Information:

• All kinds of crossover fic are allowed here, everything from gen to shipper is fine. However, the majority of the fic does need to feature a crossover of some kind.

• All forms of fan fiction are allowed here, whether it be a drabble, ficlet, one shot, or a multi-chaptered fic. That being said, every form should still be put behind a cut, no matter the length.

• All ratings are allowed, so long as they are very clearly marked.

• Above the cut, it is only required to post your fiction's title, fandoms, rating, and characters/pairing, but below is our suggested header.

• The subject line of your entry should be formatted like so: Fic Name (Pairing) Rating. If there's no pairing then it should say (Gen) instead.

• Browsing for fic? Check out our tags. The mods keep all fic sorted by author, rating, fandom, ship, and, in the case of multi-chaptered fics, title.

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